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PCX LUXURIOUS RIDE Ajak HPCI Banten Donasi dan Riding Exlusive

06/06/2022 | 13:41 WIB Last Updated 2022-09-29T15:15:36Z

Serang - Pt. Mitra Sendang Prosperity as Honda's main official distributor in Banten has returned for an exclusive exchange and trip with Honda PCX Club Indonesia (HPCI) Banten called PCX LUXURY RIDE, with the event aimed at helping IHR participants.

The event, which took place on Saturday, October 30, 2021, started in Rangkasbitung, together with the Merchant Rangkasbitung Selaras Maju Sentosa (SMS) and then donated to IHR members and 10 food packages for those in need in the regions, Rangkasbitung in regions, Rangkasbitung

The tour was conducted by Honda Banten and HPCI Banten from Rangkasbitunga to Bukit Waruwangi tourist destination when they got there all participants ate lunch and received HCID instructions from Honda PIC Community so they could activate it to support all public events .

Not only was Pampa a PIC of the Honda Banten community, but it also made it clear that the event went so well that, in addition to meeting with our community, it could also be distributed to members with small and medium-sized businesses running Covid-19, and they distributed 10 food packages to people in need.

"Thank God we can work with community members who have the human rights regulations that created Covid-19, and go with HPCI Banten members, we hope we can get back to normal," BamBam said. (automatic)

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